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Dad Asks Internet How To Play Games With Daughters, Wholesomeness Ensues

Dad Asks Internet How To Play Games With Daughters, Wholesomeness Ensues

A dad took to Reddit to ask which multiplayer titles he could enjoy with his daughters, and the internet worked its magic.

As GAMINGbible’s very own Catherine explained so well, the term gamer doesn’t mean what it once did. Gaming used to be a niche hobby with a very specific audience but thanks to the fact that most of us spent the last few years tucked away at home, gaming is more popular than ever.

Online personalities like the Skyrim grandma and Forza grandpa are showing that gaming can be enjoyed by anyone, and a brand new Reddit post proves that in the most wholesome of ways.

Check out the incredible 93-year-old Forza grandpa in action below.

Reddit user mocuzzy took to the platform to explain that he’d had to move cities for work and no longer got to see his 10 and 12-year-old daughters as often as he’d like to. He then asked the Reddit community for advice on which online games he could play with his daughters.

He wrote, “Hi all, I'm (Dad, 37) looking for recommendations for some games I could play with my daughters (10, 12) online. I've recently changed cities for work, and won't get to see them as often as I'd like. I'm hoping there's a game we could play together that preferably has a bit of teamwork vibe, can talk to each other through a headset and just chit-chat or whatever, preferably through Steam as we don't have consoles at the moment, and not too heavy on hardware as will mostly be laptop based.”

The internet did its thing and soon rallied behind the post, with over 1,000 people offering suggestions. Mocuzzy landed on Portal 2, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and It Takes Two as suitable titles.

The dad added, “Thanks a lot for all the good information, you guys are all legends! I think I'll drop a bit of cash on the Steam sale, some headsets, and another PS5 controller. [...] Will get into discord and look at setting up a family server.”

He later posted another update after Klei Entertainment sent the dad-of-two three copies of their multiplayer title Don’t Starve Together. Isn’t that just lovely? Warms my little heart.

Featured Image Credit: JESHOOTS via Pexels, Meme

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