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Chris Pratt's Mario appears online ahead of official trailer

Chris Pratt's Mario appears online ahead of official trailer

And I'll bet you won't guess where the leak came from.

We've gotten our first unofficial glimpse of Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, and it's come from a McDonald's employee who was posting in a YouTuber's Discord server. Could we be any more 2022?

For a game about a plumber that is whisked away to a strange and whimsical world, you would think that Nintendo and Illumination would do better to stop leaks. You're practically handing the puns to us on a silver platter.

Check out the trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, an "arcade-style soccer fest" that came out earlier this year, below!

Now, the picture of Mario in the movie is not something to write home about. It is recognisably Mario. There's definitely no redesign in the offing like another gaming legend had to undergo. It's a white Italian guy with a moustache in denim overalls and a red shirt. The artists understood the assignment:

The movie poster, which was released yesterday, does look enchanting and in theory, I am leaping feet first into that Warp Pipe in April 2023. Then I remember that Chris Pratt is the one voicing the plucky plumber that could and I am blue-shelled back to reality faster than Lakitu picking my kart plummeting off the edge of Rainbow Road. What a casting choice that is.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, Illumination, Hollywood Pictures

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