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CD Projekt RED announces menstrual leave for employees

CD Projekt RED announces menstrual leave for employees

CD Projekt RED has announced that employees will now be able to "focus on their comfort and health" by taking time off for period pain.

Game development studio CD Projekt RED has announced that going forward, its employees are entitled to take menstrual leave when experiencing period pain.

As Dot Esports reports, the studio - best known for developing The Witcher games, as well as Cyberpunk 2077 and its upcoming sequel - announced the news on Twitter yesterday. The announcement has been met with incredibly positive reactions.

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“We’re proud to offer menstrual leave to employees! Team members can now focus on their comfort and health by taking time off when suffering from period pain. It’s all about inclusivity and fostering a supportive workplace,” CD Projekt RED announced on Twitter. “Kudos to GOG for implementing this benefit first!”

People have been praising the studio for its decision: “I hope many others in this industry take note and seriously consider implementing this great benefit for employees!” @steinekin tweeted. “Good on ya. I've seen how much my wife often suffers during her period but she still just has to grit her teeth and go to work even though she feels like doubling over in spite of the painkillers,” wrote @Kazona. “Thank you so much for this move! This so supportive for people who have huge struggles with it! I really hope more people [are] gonna follow this way,” added @LineyaArt.

No further details on the benefit scheme have been made publicly available at this time, so it’s not currently known if those who take the leave will be paid during their time off. Additionally, it’s not clear if employees will be able to simply take the time as and when they need it - menstrual symptoms can be irregular and sporadic, so for many, it’s not going to be a time that they can simply book off in advance knowing full when well they’ll benefit from it. Hopefully, more information will be provided by the studio soon.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt RED

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