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Call Of Duty: Warzone players livid at cheating 'plague' since latest update

Call Of Duty: Warzone players livid at cheating 'plague' since latest update

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Call Of Duty: Warzone cheaters have descended like a "plague" of locusts onto the game, following the Season 5 Reloaded drop, and players are livid.

It's an unfortunate truth that wherever there is a test of skill of any sort, there will be those looking to get a leg up. I reckon I'd struggle to find someone who hasn't cheated in a game - everyone has muscle memory for the word "motherlode" - but when it comes to popular titles with a strong competitive scene, it's disappointing to realise you've lost to someone who is using software to see you through walls and such like. It just isn't fair.

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Activision's anti-cheat strategy Ricochet has booted a lot of the ne'er-do-wells out of Warzone, yet updates occasionally poke holes in the gameplay that hackers are able to exploit for a short while. Even though the team is likely aware of the sudden sharp rise in cheaters and is working to improve Ricochet's detection parameters, it doesn't make it any less infuriating for players. "Is there a cheating plague once again?" asked one. "There are so many of them and they aren’t trying to hide it, it’s so obvious. Without UAV, Heartbeat Sensor or anything they aim to you behind the wall and know exactly where are you going to appear."

Others chimed in saying that cheat makers are offering tutorials to ensure that their customers slip through the gaps in Ricochet's net. "Check out the cheat websites, they have tutorials that teach you how to turn down the settings and not look suspicious," added Reddit user V_I_N_E_S. That could be the anti-cheat's Achilles heel, however, as long as players are reporting fishy behaviour, Activision should be able to stay on top of the problem.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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