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A Bunch Of Cancelled Fan Favourite Games Appear Online, Most Weren't Even Known About

A Bunch Of Cancelled Fan Favourite Games Appear Online, Most Weren't Even Known About

Fresh concept art has been unearthed, revealing 10 cancelled games.

There’s nothing worse than learning about a cancelled game, especially when it’s one you would’ve loved to have played. Just this morning, it was revealed that Marvel and Disney cancelled an epic open-world Iron Man game and now, another 10 cancelled games have mysteriously appeared online. Prepare yourselves. This is going to be a painful dive into what could’ve been.

Aspyr’s Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake is on dangerous ground. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Spanish website Vandal unveiled the list and the article is full of some pretty cool concept art. First up, French studio VirtualKeys was reportedly pitched a Left 4 Dead style Jurassic Park game and honestly, I’m sad this was never made. That concept is chef’s kiss. It was also revealed that Riot Games began working on a cyberpunk-style dystopian project in 2013. Concept artist Flavio Hoffe supposedly leaked the project but the aesthetic doesn’t seem quite as ambitious as that of Cyberpunk 2077. Personally, the news that hurts the most is that a new Croc game was in development six years ago. For reasons unknown, it never came to light but I’m definitely an advocate for a Croc reboot.

Another uncovered project was a AAA giants-themed game. The concept art was found in the portfolio of artist William Bao who has links to id Software, Respawn, Treyarch, Activision and Riot Games. There’s also Project Zero Hour which was supposedly a cancelled action-adventure game at Starbreeze. Artist Bradley Wright’s art shows a series of mechanical monsters. Intriguing.

Still with me? Nexon reportedly planned on launching an action-adventure game to the western market, hiring ex-Naughty Dog, Blizzard, and Santa Monica Studio devs. The concept art showcases a series of destroyed environments so I’m guessing it would’ve been a post-apocalyptic adventure. If you were a fan of Hydravision’s survival horror Obscure, it seems like a third entry was originally planned in that series. Developer Anthony Laurent has released some art featuring what looks like a spooky apartment.

We’re almost at the end folks. Disney was reportedly working on a large-scale multiplayer social game between 2011 and 2012. Artist Craig Voigt worked on a number of environments seemingly converting Disney’s theme parks into liveable metropolises. It seems as if this idea could’ve been recycled, becoming Disney Dreamlight Valley which launches in September.

Finally, we’ve got two projects which might be the vaguest of the bunch. Character modeller Bradley Kachel’s portfolio reveals a cancelled Ubisoft game which was supposedly never announced, with characters including a company CEO and a computer technician. Perhaps they were main characters, perhaps they were NPCs. We’ll never know. Over at Square Enix, artist Alwyn Talbot created an image featuring an armour-clad man standing next to some kind of enormous bull-like creature - and that’s it. Phew. What a lot of heartbreak to digest.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures, Valve

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