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Bully fans are still desperate for a remake

Bully fans are still desperate for a remake

Fans of Rockstar Games' classic title Bully are still eager to see it be remade.

It certainly looks as if a Red Dead Redemption remake is not only in the works at Rockstar Games but is in fact close to release.

It’s a project that’s been rumoured for years, but those rumours gained traction last month when a South Korean ratings board listed a new version of the game. More recently, a logo was seemingly added to Rockstar’s website, confirming the title to be Rockstar Games Presents Red Dead Redemption. Insiders claim that it’ll be a remake, not a remaster, so you don’t have to worry about it being as dodgy as GTA’s Definitive Edition Trilogy. One insider even claims that the remake could launch on Switch. We’re still waiting for official word from Rockstar on all of this. Excited by the prospect though, fans are debating which other games they’d like to see remade or remastered - and Bully is up there as the most requested.

Take a look at some of our favourite Red Dead Redemption 2 wins and fails below.

If you don’t know, Bully was released back in 2006 and centres around James ‘Jimmy’ Hopkins - a student at Bullworth Academy. Players complete their classes alongside missions in a bid to try and become the most popular kid in school. Let’s just say that Jimmy isn’t the nicest of people. The game was both critically and commercially successful, but not enough so to spawn a sequel. Fans would love to see the franchise brought back to life now though.

Reddit user Hitesh_R_ kicked off the conversation, asking which game Rockstar fans would like to see remade or remastered. “I just want a Bully remaster,” TiredReader87 wrote, while another user added, “Would love Bully to be remade, also would love if Bully 2 was on the way”. That seemed to be a common thought. “A Bully sequel would be great,” Mattock1987 agreed.

SupaFro_ commented, “I need [a] Bully sequel. Update and expand on previous features and add a Bullworth online. I also think Rockstar would do a great job spoofing Netflix high school culture.” Remakes are all the rage right now so it’s very plausible. Stranger things have happened.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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