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Brutal horror western so terrifying fans are struggling to finish it

Brutal horror western so terrifying fans are struggling to finish it

Brutal horror western so terrifying fans are struggling to finish it

A recent Western horror movie has resurfaced online after fans agreed it features some of the most ‘horrific’ scenes in the genre.

Bone Tomahawk, a 2015 Western horror movie directed by S. Craig Zahler follows the story of Sheriff (played by Kurt Russell) who teams up with a gunslinger and a cowboy to rescue three people from a group of savage cannibals. What may have a simple premise for most horror movies soon takes a turn when some viewers claim they struggled to finish it.

With the Western genre being no stranger to a bit of blood and gore, Blood Tomahawk took that theme and ran with it.

Check out the official Bone Tomahawk trailer below!

However, with the movie sitting at a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and a user score of 72 on Metacritic, it is by no means a bad experience. Just slightly traumatising. Described as “unflinchingly violent” and “disturbingly tense”, viewers have recently taken to social media to reveal their thoughts on the slasher flick.

When asked “what the most disturbing movie you’ve ever seen” was, one Twitter user said, “Bone Tomahawk was so messed up I couldn’t finish that one... No clue how I finished this movie.” Another user replied to a similar question, calling the movie “jarring” followed by another saying, "I was able to see Bone Tomahawk (Frontera Caníbal) from 2015. Most of the movie is just another Western, but the ending will leave your jaw on the floor. Very strong gore scenes. It's worth it. 8/10.”

With some referring to ‘that’ scene which I’m glad I’m oblivious to, it’s no wonder that Bone Tomahawk has made a resurgence nine years after it was first released. With Halloween coming up, those brave bunch amongst you should head over to Amazon Prime and see what all the fuss is about. Just don’t expect your typical Brokeback Mountain style Western.

Featured Image Credit: RLJE Films

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