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Bloodborne fans need to check out this excellent free download

Bloodborne fans need to check out this excellent free download

A fan-made title inspired by the RPG has been released for free

A Bloodborne-inspired racing game has been released for free, and is available right now for fans to download and play.

Nightmare Kart is a PS1-style kart racer that allows fans to "zoom through gothic city streets" with a full campaign mode that even has boss fights, styled after the type of boss fights that you can find in Bloodborne itself. Along with these features, the title has 21 different racers, 13 karts, 15 tracks and the ability to play split-screen multiplayer with friends. It is worth noting, however, that there's currently no online mode available for the game.

The title was originally named Bloodborne Kart, but after Sony got involved in the development of the fan game, developer Bunlith changed the name of the title to Nightmare Kart to avoid any comparison to the beloved RPG and be "legally distinct" from the IP. The same developer is also behind the Bloodborne PS1 demake, though unlike here, Sony didn't get involved in the development of that title, which is possibly due to the fact that Nightmare Kart is a completely new title, whereas Bloodborne PSX was simply a demake of the original game which didn't add any new content to the world other than changing how the game looked.

The game was originally due to release in January, but due to the legal issues surrounding the game, it was delayed until now. It's available completely for free, either from the official site for the game or from Steam itself.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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