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Blockbuster just absolutely destroyed Netflix with a single comment

Blockbuster just absolutely destroyed Netflix with a single comment

Blockbuster has brutally let Netflix know their feelings on the streaming service's Blockbuster sitcom.

For the most part, Netflix seems to be doing pretty well for itself lately. Earlier this year, the streaming service was plagued by reports of dwindling subscription figures but has since gone on to set two major records. First up, Stranger Things 4 earnt the title for most hours watched in a week for an English language TV series - but that was dethroned this week by brand new hit Wednesday.

Fans were also excited to learn that Netflix are working on a Gears of War adaptation, plus it’s rumoured that another The Witcher spin-off may be on the way, titled The Rats. Netflix is no stranger to releasing a dud though and comedy series Blockbuster was just that. The series hasn’t yet been cancelled but the actual Blockbuster did just destroy Netflix with a brutal tweet about the series.

Check out the trailer for Blockbuster below if you haven’t yet checked out the series.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Blockbuster (the series, that is), it’s exactly what it sounds like - a workplace comedy set in the last ever Blockbuster video store. Starring Randall Park in the leading role, the series landed a terrible critics rating of 23% over on Rotten Tomatoes. The show fared slightly better with fans who rated the series 44% but that’s still hardly anything to shout about.

Yesterday over on Twitter, the official Blockbuster addressed the series in the most brutal way. They tweeted, “What’s the worst thing you’ve done for money? We’ll go first.” The tweet then included a link to a Forbes article titled ‘Netflix’s Blockbuster is the worst reviewed show on TV right now.’ Ouch. Burn. Oof. All of the above.

Curious as to why Blockbuster was so bad? The Irish Independent wrote, “You just stare at it every now and then and sometimes forget about it while it’s still playing.” Slant Magazine added, “If you fed the jokes from early-2000s sitcoms into an AI generator, it would probably spit out Blockbuster.” You get the idea.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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