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Commander Shepard Actors Want To Return For 'Mass Effect 5'

Commander Shepard Actors Want To Return For 'Mass Effect 5'

"I want to see more stories from all corners," said Mark Meer.

Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale, the actors who played Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, are as keen as mustard to reprise their roles in the next game in the sci-fi series. 

This is Mass Effect 5 we’re talking about, of course. Some might say that Andromeda shouldn’t be included as the fourth game in the series because it isn’t set in the Milky Way and that it was generally disliked for its differences to the original trilogy. In spite of this, it is still a confirmed entry to the Mass Effect canon in the same way that, though we might try our darndest to scorch it from our memories, the ending to Game of Thrones is the ending we got. 

Check out the comparison between the original Mass Effect and the revamped Legendary Edition below!

Anyway. You’re here to hear more from Meer and Hale, who spoke to GamesRadar for an interview to celebrate N7 Day. Details on Mass Effect 5 are scarce at the moment, yet this poster seems to suggest that the Geth might be involved. When are they not, though? Moreover, BioWare has brought back a handful of the members of the original team like art director Derek Watts, cinematic director Parrish Ley, producer Brenon Holmes and more.

"I'd jump to come back and do anything in the universe, especially, obviously more Shepard," said Hale on the possibility. “We talked about this with the previous interviewer, the Mass Effect universe is so fully realized, and so well thought out, and it feels like a living place,” continued Meer. “I just want to see more stories in that universe. And I'm speaking strictly as a fan, not as a voice actor who's hoping to get work, but as a fan of the franchise, a fan of the universe. I want to see more stories from all corners, from various points in the established history, stuff that's only been referenced.” 

Meer has even gone to his mind palace to pull on those story threads that the iconic Commander Shepard could explore on a new journey. “I'd love to see stuff set during the First Contact War, I'd love to go even further into the future,” he said. “I could almost see a game that's set where you're playing the Protheans and they're reaping, like the historical setting. There are so many possibilities, it's almost infinite.” 

Now, the two were careful to qualify that they don’t have any idea what BioWare is cooking up for Mass Effect 5, but they did joke that they would be on board for the eventual musical adaptation. We’ll keep you in the loop once we learn more about the new game.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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