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BioShock 2 'godlike' multiplayer praised by fans

BioShock 2 'godlike' multiplayer praised by fans

Despite not being the most popular game in the series, BioShock 2 is being praised by fans for its “godlike” multiplayer mode.

Despite not being the most popular game in the series, BioShock 2 is being praised by fans for its “godlike” multiplayer mode.

Released in 2010, BioShock 2 was released to critical-acclaim but was believed by many to be inferior to the first game that came out three years prior. By no means a bad title, the main criticism was a story that just didn’t pack the same punch as the original, but many still hold it in high regard for the new gameplay mechanics it brought to the series.

Recently, BioShock 2 was brought up in a Reddit thread discussion about “games where the hate was/is completely unwarranted simply because the internet told people to do so.”

Commenters suggested a variety of games that are considered to be “black sheep” in their respective series, such as Far Cry: Primal, Batman: Arkham Knight and Super Mario Sunshine. However, the mention of BioShock 2 led to a whole new thread about the incredible multiplayer, that saw teams of players face-off in a variety of PvP game modes.

“bioshock 2 multiplayer was godlike”

“I loved it so much. Getting to be the big daddy and wreck people was amazing.”

“It was a shame that the remaster didn't remaster the multiplayer, I remember playing that s*** out of it on the 360”

Even cooler was the multiplayer was actually canon, taking place shortly before the events of the first game.

The BioShock series has unfortunately died a death in recent years, with a fourth game in the series still in development hell since its official announcement back in 2019. Speculation and inside information have been running rampant in regards to the follow-up, with many pointing to several rewrites and handovers to new studios as the main reason it’s taking so long.

While its fate is still up in the air at this point, there’s every chance the project will be cancelled, meaning the only hope for a continuation of the series would be if another studio picks up the project, a reboot of the series is made instead.

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