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Binley Mega Chippy Has Been Put Into 'Elden Ring’

Binley Mega Chippy Has Been Put Into 'Elden Ring’

YouTuber ToastedShoes has shown off a clip of a new mod, which replaces Elden Ring's Walking Mausoleums with the viral chip shop.

TikTok is a magical place. Often slightly terrifying, but magical. Its ability to propel the most obscure clips into viral meme status is unparalleled - it’s become so much more than a silly dancing app. 

If you’ve been anywhere near the app in the last week or so, I have very little doubt that you’ll have encountered Binley Mega Chippy. Videos of this random British fish and chip shop began flooding the For You pages of users everywhere seemingly overnight, all accompanied by an oh-so-catchy jingle that’s still probably stuck in the heads of many of you reading this. The internet being the internet, of course, have been travelling to the real location en masse, and now, someone has made it possible to visit in Elden Ring’s Lands Between. However, it’s far from a safe journey to make.

Before we get into it, be sure to take a look at some of the funniest Elden Ring mods made so far.

As reported by PCGamesN, YouTuber ToastedShoes, best known for their funny mod videos, shared a clip on Twitter of arguably the best addition to Elden Ring to date, courtesy of modder Garden of Eyes. The mod replaces the Walking Mausoleums’ usual buildings with the legendary chippy, which, yes, means you’ll have to strike it down at the legs first if you want any chance of getting your order in. No one ever said that getting your Tarnished some fish and chips was going to be easy.

The chippy itself has also been converted to match the original vibe of the Walking Mausoleums. Well, sort of, anyway. Its mossy bricks help blend it in slightly, although admittedly, the iconic red sign does still stand out quite a bit. As PC Gamer notes, if you look closely, you can also spot posters for a Morbius meal, because it’s morbin’ time, obviously. 

ToastedShoes is going to be releasing a full video showcasing the mod soon, so do make sure to keep an eye out for that (and good luck getting the jingle out of your head in the meantime).

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco, @ToastedShoes via Twitter

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