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‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Is Still Happening, Playtests Finally Begin

‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Is Still Happening, Playtests Finally Begin

Despite Ubisoft's silence, it looks like Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still happening.

Beyond Good & Evil was so good that it’s quite frankly a crime that almost two decades after its release, we still don’t have a sequel. If you don’t know, Beyond Good & Evil was released by Ubisoft back in 2003. This action-adventure game sees players control Jade, an investigative reporter and skilled martial artist.

Jade is tasked with unveiling an alien conspiracy. If you haven’t played this game, surely I’ve piqued your interest. Beyond Good & Evil didn’t perform well commercially despite its intense fan following but in 2017, Ubisoft finally announced a sequel and whilst we thought they’d forgotten they had, it looks like Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still coming.

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In recent years, Ubisoft has kept pretty hush hush about Beyond Good & Evil 2. The title has been referenced during investor’s calls but this is hardly the fanfare with which the game was announced at 2017’s E3. Many feared the game to be well and truly dead after reports suggested it was stuck in development hell.

Reputed industry leaker Tom Henderson is now saying that that is not the case. According to Henderson, Ubisoft recently detailed its upcoming release slate to staff which included Beyond Good & Evil 2, whilst sources have also confirmed to him that external playtesting has begun.

Based on what we know about Ubisoft, playtests typically take place around one year prior to release so developers have plenty of time to use the feedback, which means that Beyond Good & Evil 2 could still be a good chunk of time away.

As always, this all has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Ubisoft has a showcase set for September so perhaps we’ll finally get the grand unveiling we’re all so desperate for.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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