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Bella Ramsey is the 'definitive Ellie' for a new generation, fans says

Bella Ramsey is the 'definitive Ellie' for a new generation, fans says

The Last of Us fans are realising that for TV viewers, Bella is the only Ellie they know.

I’ve practically run out of ways to describe the success of HBO’s The Last of Us so today, I’ll just keep it simple: The Last of Us is a major hit. After just two episodes, the series has broken several viewership records so we can only imagine that a second season will be announced very soon.

In case you missed it, The Last of Us marks HBO’s second-largest debut since 2010 - plus the series just had the biggest week two viewer increase in HBO history. In the seven days since it premiered, over 18 million people have watched the opening episode in the US which, of course, doesn’t include international audiences so the true viewing figures will be much higher. Fans are full of praise for both the series and the cast - particularly Anna Torv’s performance as Tess - and now, many are branding Bella Ramsey as the ‘definitive Ellie.’

Take a look at what’s in store in the weeks ahead in the trailer below.

If you’re on this site, I’m imagining you played The Last of Us before you watched the show so you will have grown accustomed to Ashley Johnson’s performance as Ellie. I think we can all agree though that Bella Ramsey has nailed the character and one Reddit user has pointed out the fact that for TV fans, Bella may be the only Ellie they’ve ever known.

MajorRichardHead7 wrote, “I just realised for a whole new generation of fans, Bella Ramsey is gonna be the definitive Ellie and they're gonna feel weird seeing the video game Ellie when they play it for the first time.” It’s certainly a strange thought for those of us who have followed the series for years. The comments were full of praise for Bella.

BeepBeepWhistle said, “Her acting and mannerisms are spot on,” while patprika added, “She’s doing great. Sounds just like her from the game, and her mannerisms and smart assness are great also.” I suppose the same sentiment goes for the whole cast.

Featured Image Credit: HBO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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