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Battlefield 7 teaser spotted online, and fans are hopeful

Battlefield 7 teaser spotted online, and fans are hopeful

Prepare for battle!

It’s fair to say that recently, it’s not been a great time for the Battlefield series and its loyal fanbase following the launch of Battlefield 2042 in 2021.

Battlefield 2042 was always going to face an uphill battle when it was announced before launch that it would not have a single-player campaign and would be multiplayer only. Worse still, when Battlefield 2042 launched it was plagued with online server issues, bugs, and uninspired map designs and it was missing a whole host of basic features such as no persistent lobbies or global leaderboards.

Check out the Battlefield 2042 trailer below!

From what he heard, most of the issues that troubled Battlefield 2042 at launch have been fixed but nearly three years on, it seems that the damage to fan's trust is too much to repair. This is why developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts need to knock it out of the park when the next entry in the long-running Battlefield series arrives.

In recent months, it’s been teased that the next Battlefield will be the largest game in the history of the series but some are concerned following reports that it will be another live-service title. Can’t we just have Battlefield: Bad Company 3, already?

While the seventh mainline entry in the Battlefield series hasn't been officially announced by EA, it seems that the cogs are already turning following a job listing appearing online that has teased fans of its return.

As listed on the Actors Access website (a login is required), details of a job listing were shared on Reddit for a project dubbed “Timeless Fields” which is believed to be Battlefield 7. The job listing in question is for a casting role for a game that is an action/adventure/military-themed title.

The role will be for a character named Rozanda, a Slavic woman who was “outcast as the child of two different ethnic backgrounds in Croatia. A tactician of remarkable mental and physical courage. She commands respect and attention.”

“I am praying this is for a single-player character and not specialists returning to MP. They really don't have any more rope left to give in the Battlefield community,” said Reddit user Camerono1. “I just want a good Battlefield game. I still remember all the great times playing Battlefield 1943, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3,” exclaimed SomethingIntheWayyy0.

At this time, we should take this speculation with a pinch of salt, until proven otherwise. That being said, all signs are pointing towards Battlefield 7 being in early production, at least.

The release of Battlefield 7 might be a couple of years away at this point, which could mean that it launches on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. We’ll keep you posted when we hear of any further developments on this story.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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