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Battlefield 2042 developer admits game was never going to have a great launch

Battlefield 2042 developer admits game was never going to have a great launch

A former DICE developer has revealed the reasons why Battlefield 2042 "never stood much chance being great at launch".

Although buggy video game launches seem to be getting more and more common lately, there’s no doubt that Battlefield 2042 is up there with some of the most catastrophic releases of all time.

By now, we all know the story well - the game was absolutely riddled with bugs and glitches (some of which, admittedly, were hilarious), and it was later alleged by insiders that the title was also missing a bunch of content that was originally planned for it. The player count quickly fell off significantly, and many fans generally considered it a bit of a failure. In the time since its release, the devs have obviously fixed a lot of these issues, but at this point, it feels impossible for the game to shake its negative reputation.

Take a look at some of the funniest wins and fails from Battlefield 2042 below.

As it happens, it sounds like the devs knew that this negativity was coming well before the game actually released. As reported by PSU, Joakim Bodin, who previously worked as a senior software engineer at DICE before becoming a senior backend engineer at Epic Games in 2022, recently tweeted about his work on Battlefield 2042, and how it “never stood much chance” when it first released.

“This game had many iterations, and the deadline never changed much, so never stood much chance being great at launch,” he wrote, responding to a Twitter thread of developers sharing what they love most about their lowest-reviewed games. “I'm proud though to have pushed hard to have this game have full cross play, progression and (mostly) commerce. Its online systems will serve future titles well.”

It’s seriously unfortunate, but hopefully some lessons have been learned by the devs for whenever the next game in the series is set to release. Let's just hope they can take their time in the future.

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