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Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder says haters just didn't get it

Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder says haters just didn't get it

Zack Snyder has said that viewers weren't expecting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to be so thought-provoking.

Zack Snyder has finally opened up about the negative response to 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, adding that haters simply just didn’t get it.

The DCU, formerly the DCEU, has undergone a drastic overhaul in recent months. James Gunn was brought onboard alongside Peter Safran as joint studio heads, with the duo laying out their plans for a soft reboot. The newly titled ‘Chapter One: Gods and Monsters’ will kick off with a brand new Superman film, starring a new actor as Clark Kent. Sorry Cavill. Films like The Batman and Joker will exist in the ‘Elseworlds’ timeline. Some familiar faces will be sticking around. Ezra Miller’s The Flash - which has garnered rave responses - will lead into the new age. For now though, Snyder is reflecting on the past and what could’ve been.

Take a look at The Flash’s trailer below.

As reported by The Direct, Snyder opened up about the response to the film during a Full Circle charity event. The moderator of the discussion pointed out that Dawn of Justice had “so many layers of storytelling,” adding that, “I think you have to want to make an effort to dig a little deeper.” To this, Snyder responded with, “Yes, but I think that probably is what caused the movie to be so polarising.”

“I think, and maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like a lot of people went into the movies for going like, ‘Oh it’s the superhero romp, right? Let’s have fun with it,’” he continued, suggesting that audiences didn’t pick up on the film’s complexity.

He added, “And we gave them this sort of hardcore deconstructivist, heavily layered, experiential modern mythological superhero movie that needs - that you really need to pay attention to. That was not cool [for them]. That’s not something anyone wanted to do. They were like, ‘What? No! That’s exhausting. How about, why do they fight at night?’ I hate that.” Well, there you have it.

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