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Baldur's Gate 3 hailed as one of the best video game stories in years

Baldur's Gate 3 hailed as one of the best video game stories in years

Baldur's Gate 3 hailed as one of the best video game stories in years

Despite it almost being two months since it was first released, Baldur’s Gate 3 is still taking up thousands of player’s time. Hailed as one of the best video game stories in years, it’s no surprise Larian Studio’s recent project is as popular as it is.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the latest instalment in the Baldur’s Gate series that has spanned over twenty years. With many finding the series for the first time thanks to its recent popularity, news that it may be heading for a Netflix adaptation is no surprise. Now according to one Reddit post, a player claims it is the first video game story they have been invested in in a “very long time”.

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“I have never enjoyed a turn-based game and honestly fantasy games as a whole are sort of miss for me” they wrote. “Buying BG3 was a very risky gamble for me as the only thing I knew about this game was that it was turn based and that it was getting very positive feedback. When I first started playing, I was sort of disappointed. I was getting my ass handed to me, didn't understand mechanics and felt like I was struggling to understand story and lore. However, I stuck with it and now have nearly 90 hours in it. The story just keeps getting better for me. The characters are rich and the narrative is very engaging. I am already planning my next play through. When I am not playing, I am thinking about playing and reading lore online.”

It wasn’t long before many players headed to the comments in agreement with one claiming “this game is f*****g incredible from a story perspective” and another praising the “amount of story content there is to discover.” One poster drew attention to the amount of detail in Baldur Gate 3’s voice lines which can vary depending on which class you assign to your companions. “For instance, there's hours of every voice actor recording unique dialogue for Vicious Mockery, a skill none of them learn naturally if you keep them in their "canon" class,” they explain. “But just in case you change their class or multiclass them to Bard, there's dialogue for that. And that's true for every class.”

With hundreds of hours of content including hidden dialogue, it’s no wonder our very own Ewan Moore described the TTRPG as “so good I kind of want to throw up”.

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