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Arthur Morgan returns in new release that blends Red Dead Redemption with Stardew Valley

Arthur Morgan returns in new release that blends Red Dead Redemption with Stardew Valley

Cattle Country features a very familiar voice

There’s something quite comforting about playing a sprawling open world RPG. Before long, that in-game world starts to feel like home.

You grow accustomed to its characters, its topography, its ambient music and sounds … there’s something so relaxing when you reach that level of familiarity.

If Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the games for which you feel that way, you may, from time to time, find yourself missing actor Roger Clark’s southern drawl.

It goes without saying that Clark brought to life the legendary Arthur Morgan, one of gaming’s very best characters.

Well, Clark has just acquired a new role with a Red Dead-esque favouring, and it feels like we’re hearing Arthur all over again.

Clark’s iconic voice narrates the trailer for the upcoming indie farming adventure Cattle Country that’s being pitched to potential players as Red Dead meets Stardew Valley.

You can see then why devs wanted to secure Clark for the role.

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Roger Clark in Cattle Country’s trailer below.

Developed by Castle Pixel, Cattle Country is an upcoming cosy life sim with a rootin’ tootin’ twist.

“Howdy partner! Welcome to Cattle Country, the only Cosy Cowboy Adventure Life Sim. Become a determined pioneer travelling west to start a new life. Make a home in the mountains, take on bandits, discover dastardly plots, build a farm, develop your town, and make friends with fellow residents,” the synopsis teases.

I have to say, I’m sold.

Building a cosy farmstead is always a relaxing activity, but interspersing that with taking down robbers and bandits in a Wild West town? That sounds pretty fun to me.

I should also add that Cattle Country boasts an impressive 18 romance options, so you don’t have to embark on this new frontier adventure totally alone.

Just like Stardew Valley, Cattle Country features delightful pixel graphics with those visuals changing as the seasons come and go.

It looks positively delightful. Unfortunately, there isn’t a launch date just yet but at least in the meantime, we can all rewatch the Cattle Country trailer and appreciate this small resurrection of Arthur Morgan.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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