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'Ark: Survival Evolved' Is Going To Delete Your Save To Fix The Servers

'Ark: Survival Evolved' Is Going To Delete Your Save To Fix The Servers

Ok, at least there is a fix!

Some Ark: Survival Evolved players are having a female eohippus (or to our more modern readers, a mare) of a time trying to establish a stable connection to the servers and actually get into the game. Unfortunately, their woes are far from over as Studio Wildcard has found a fix which will lead to the deletion of your progress in the game over the last three days. Deep breaths.

It's fine. It's fine! Seriously though, it is fine. I know there's going to be a lot of frustration over the deletion of saves, but if the team has resorted to these dire measures to fix things, it means they've likely exhausted all other options. And the silver lining is that it's not three months' worth of saves. That would have really had players seeing cave paint red.

If you weren't aware, Vin Diesel's a massive fan of Ark: Survival Evolved. So much so that he's starring in the sequel. Yeah. He's really living the dream because I'd leap at the chance to star in the trailer for the MySims reboot. See it for yourself here:

"Over the last few days we’ve been working with Microsoft on resolving the authentication exploit impacting our official Xbox network. We’ve currently got a fix in progress and are aiming to roll that out later this week," said Studio Wildcard in an announcement to Twitter, adding that servers will be deactivated on PC and Xbox from now until Friday to allow for the new patch to go live.

"Due to the high number of servers impacted on all networks (PvP, PvE, Smalls, etc), we will also be conducting a service-wide roll back of our saves to approximately Monday the 19th of September in order to undo any damage caused by these exploits," continued Studio Wildcard. "A small minority of servers affected earlier will have their saves rolled back prior to Monday but we expect those to be minimal."

It stings, yet as aforementioned, the damage could have been much more extensive and there is now a fix for the game on its way.

Featured Image Credit: Know Your Meme, Studio Wildcard

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