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'Apex Legends': Hunted’s Newest Legend Gives You The Ad-Vantage

'Apex Legends': Hunted’s Newest Legend Gives You The Ad-Vantage

Meet the newest and youngest legend set to join the Apex Games in Season 14 - Hunted.

As Apex Legends Season 14 rapidly approaches, it’s time to take a closer look at the latest addition to the legend roster. The extensive Apex roster has changed considerably throughout each season thus far, with each new legend allowing for fresh tactics on the battlefield. Season 14 is no different as Vantage, the newest and youngest person to join the Apex Games, makes her mark. 

18 year old Xiomara “Mara” Contreras (aka Vantage) had a rough start to life, having to learn everything the hard way. Her mother, Xenia, was a wrongfully-convicted criminal, who gave birth to her alone on the barren ice planet Págos. From a young age Vantage proved to be gifted with a sniper rifle, which led her to be titled the Sniper Savant, which probably stands Vantage in good stead as she enters the Apex Games. Vantage doesn’t come alone though, as she has an adorable and small Bat companion called Echo which is sure to give you and your squad the advantage in battle.

Check out Apex Legends’ newest addition Vantage in action here:

Vantage found Echo in the ruins of the G.D.S. Vantage, and since then the pair have formed an unlikely yet adorable bond as they lived off a hostile land. Echo is the first companion of its kind in the Apex Games and I imagine it’ll be an instant hit with players given the cute factor. Cuteness aside though, Echo plays a key role when it comes to Vantage’s abilities.

First up, Vantage’s passive ability, Spotter’s Lens, lets her pull tactical information on enemy squads from a distance. Her Spotter’s Lens can pull info such as Legend name, shield rarity, team size and range. This is the sort of information you’d usually call out to squadmates over the mic, however Spotter’s Lens lets you dish out the info with certainty, before appropriately dealing with each threat. Spotter’s Lens also ties in really well with Apex’s signature ping system, allowing you to effectively ping key bits of info for squadmates without saying a word. 

Vantage’s tactical ability is called Echo Relocation and as the name suggests, it features Vantage’s fluffy airborne companion Echo. During battles you can dispatch Echo to key locations to give you the upper hand, before using your modified jetpack and targeting system to launch yourself towards Echo’s position and take the high ground. 

Apex Legends /

And finally, Vantage's ultimate ability is called Sniper’s Mark. The ultimate uses Vantage’s custom sniper rifle, revealing enemies with its scope and deal damage with its ammo. Successful hits highlight enemies for 10 seconds, and further hits incur higher damage. Sounds deadly right? Whatever your playstyle is, just make sure you don’t stray into Vantage’s sights for too long. 

Eagle-eyed Vantage comes equipped with all you need to tackle the Apex Games head on. The Sniper Savant is set to join in Season 14 which features updates to Kings Canyon as well as various game balancing tweaks. The newest season titled Hunted is set to drop on August 9th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. 

Featured Image Credit: Apex Legends / Credit: EA

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