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Amazon's God Of War series will go straight to the Norse saga

Amazon's God Of War series will go straight to the Norse saga

A very good place to start.

We've gotten a little more detail on the God of War TV show in the works with Amazon, including who has been appointed showrunner and when in the series canon the show will be set.

I'm typing this with my eyes closed because I am the only person on the planet that hasn't played God of War Ragnarök yet. Every time God of War pops up in the news I am flooded with fear that I will see a spoiler because we are now in the period past the game's release that spoilers are acceptable. My life is like a subpar episode of Black Mirror. Fortunately, the TV show starts with the Norse saga, which was kicked off with the 2018 soft reboot for the series, and seemingly follows those events faithfully according to the description provided to Variety.

Check out Rick of War below as he takes his nephew Morty across Midgard to lay the ashes of Rick's wife at the highest point in the nine realms. Yes, really.

Remember, we already knew that a God of War TV show was happening as Sony confirmed it in the spring of this year. However, we had no names attached, and now, it is confirmed that The Wheel of Time's Rafe Judkins is spearheading the adaptation as its showrunner. “God of War is a compelling, character-driven franchise that we believe will captivate our global customers as much with its expansive and immersive worlds as its rich storytelling,” said Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studios, in a statement. “We are honored to share in the adventure of exploring the God of War mythology in such a momentous way with Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, and Santa Monica Studio.”

Obviously, we don't know when the show is entering production. But, players are confident that they've found the guy who could bring Kratos to the small screen and do the character justice.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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