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AI Predicts The Last Selfie Ever Taken And It's Terrifying

AI Predicts The Last Selfie Ever Taken And It's Terrifying

One of the many AI image generating softwares has created perhaps the most unsettling image yet.

The DALL.E mini craze might be filtering out now, but it's taken the Internet by storm over the last few months. It's easy to see why. To type abstract words into a search bar and see what images are created is a novelty we haven't seen before. Among the craze are concerned voices, though. If AI can create art, what does this mean for the artist's profession? What does it mean for the concept of truth, too, if realistic fake images can be created at a whim?

At the moment, DALL.E isn't that sophisticated, but there are other more concerning pieces of software. One of these niftier AI image generators is the Midjourney AI, which has a pretty popular community on Discord. As well as concerns for the future of artists, however, this AI has also lovingly gifted us a concern about the future in general. Namely, the apocalypse.

On the subject of the apocalypse, check out the some gameplay of the upcoming remake The Last of Us Part 1 from Naughty Dog.

Thankfully, the AI didn't come up with these images unprompted. The Midjourney AI was asked to come up with the last selfie ever taken. The resulting images aren't too terrifying because, well, the "selfie" element is pretty funny, but rather what they depict in the background. What looks like withered zombie-like humans are grabbing a snap of themselves in front of a nuclear wasteland. Check out a couple of the images below.

Via. Midjourney
Via. Midjourney

It's hard not to chuckle at the way these decayed humans hold the camera (like a posh dude on a gap year), but it's still chilling. Not only to realize how smart these AIs are getting, but to glimpse our potential future. Ironically, this future may be the result of an AI takeover. Are these images teasing us, warning us? Have a great weekend, folks!

Featured Image Credit: TriStar Pictures

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