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Hogwarts Legacy players urged to change one setting following new update

Hogwarts Legacy players urged to change one setting following new update

Harry on my wayward son

Hogwarts Legacy recently made its long-awaited summer update available, but it hasn't all been plain sailing.

Harry Potter fans were recently treated to a 55GB update for Hogwarts Legacy which, among a few changes and quality-of-life improvements, actually added in some new content.

Not everyone is particularly thrilled with all the new stuff in the game, mind you, with many arguing we could have gotten a little bit more.

Still, it's worth noting this was a free update. Maybe paid DLC is still in the works and being held back for next year while we wait for Hogwarts Legacy 2? We just don't know, so for now this is what we must make do with.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if the new update is actually causing some genuine problems for players, specifcally on PlayStation 5.

Over on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit players have been complaining of frequent crashes on PS5 since the update.

One user writes: "The problem is I can’t seem to move a few meters in game before it crashes. I’ve restarted the game and rebooted my console multiple time. However each time I load and irrespective of character I choose I load into the world take a few steps toward the open world and BSOD."

As it turns out, this is a known issue that the developers are already working to fix. In the meantime, however, if this is impacting you, all you need to do is head into the game's settings and disable ray-tracing.

Multiple users claimed this worked for them as a temporary fix, so if you're thinking about returning to Hogwarts on PS5 any time soon, you'll probably want to make sure you have that setting disabled to avoid anything dodgy happening.

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