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GTA 6 fans are already planning a mass sick day on game's release date

GTA 6 fans are already planning a mass sick day on game's release date

Get ready with your excuses

Are you excited for GTAVI? How excited are you? Enough to call in sick on release day so you can spend the entire day committing crimes and exploring Vice City?

This is exactly what some fans have planned. Over on Reddit, the conversation started with one user asking how long everyone has planned to take off from work. They admit they’re taking a week off to fully enjoy the game, and they’re not alone.

GTAVI will have many people calling in sick or booking time off work

The top reply definitely taps into what many are thinking, “Everybody around the world on sick leave when GTA6 comes out.” This sparked several more users claiming they plan to call in sick and take a few days to submerge themselves in the heady vices of the new game. “A couple days to binge should be enough.” says one user, while another is playing it safe, “If it drops on a Friday like most video games do, I’ll take the Friday and possibly the following Monday just to have an extended weekend.”

Taking time off to play a new game isn’t unheard of. I’ve taken time off for new releases of Final Fantasy, and I took a whole week off to play The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and I may have called in sick several times during my World of Warcraft days. Ahh, good times.

What do you have planned? If you plan on reporting to work sick, we can help you with this. Feel free to use our excuse below:

Hello [EMPLOYER], I’m terribly sorry, but I won’t be able to come to work today as I appear to have come down with a bout of Bloaty Head/Ruptured Nodules (delete as applicable). I had to go into the city to see my doctor, Dr Lucia, who has prescribed plenty of bed rest. I believe I will be out for at least 50-75 hours.

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