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Zelda meets Valheim in stunning free Steam download

Zelda meets Valheim in stunning free Steam download

It's time to save the world

Combining the best of both worlds from The Legend of Zelda and Valheim, this upcoming survival game is guaranteed to have you sinking hundreds of hours into it.

Set to release during Q3 of 2024, Aloft is an upcoming co-op sandbox survival game set across a world of floating islands.

Check out the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild below!

Developed by Astrolabe Interactive, players will get to build their home amongst the clouds and even turn any island into a skyship. With the goal to restore the fragile ecosystem, finding lost knowledge and curing the fungal corruption is the order of business in Aloft.

Whether you play solo or with a group of up to eight friends, you can spend your time discovering new islands, gathering resources, building your dream home and taking care of your animals.

However, with the skies yours to explore at will, you will soon find out that the beautiful nature is slowly getting overtaken by corruption and it is up to you to find the cause and cure it before it devours all life.

“Uncover lost knowledge, brew powerful antidotes, enrich the biodiversity of the islands, and restore balance to the airborne ecosystem,” reads the official synopsis.

Combining the sky-soaring exploration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the building of Valheim, this vast sandbox world allows you to turn any island into your personal skyship.

So whether you spend your time exploring the skies for resources such as food to cook with, take time to cultivate your farm and animals or help protect a precious ecosystem, Aloft is set to be a reminder of how beautiful the world really is.

Not only that but Aloft is now free to try out right now courtesy of a demo available on Steam. Despite only being available for PC users, this is an excellent way to try out this epic survival game before it releases later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Funcom

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