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Yu-Gi-Oh player quits tournament because opponents smelled way too bad

Yu-Gi-Oh player quits tournament because opponents smelled way too bad


Imagine having to drop out of a tournament you were excited to play in because someone smelled so bad you could no longer stand it.

That’s exactly what happened to a Yu-Gi-Oh competitor in a recent Japanese tournament. The female duelist lost and took to social media to clarify it wasn’t due to the heart of the cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh is still a monumentally popular trading card game and anime

Gamers have a bit of a reputation for being smelly. There are often jibes levelled at crowds going to conventions, some in jest but many serious, that gamers need to shower and familiarise themselves with deodorant.

This is usually heard in America, but this latest case of the stink comes from Japan.

The player took to social media to state that she “left halfway through because I couldn’t stand the smell,” and reiterated that she wasn’t “sad about losing at all or anything.”

This was the duelist’s first ever competition and to have to bow out purely because someone doesn’t understand the basics of personal hygiene is not only gross, but it’s embarrassing for the Yu-GI-Oh brand.

Although this isn’t the first time this has become an issue for Yu-Gi-Oh as Konami had to make a rule saying that bad personal hygiene and dirty clothes would mean a penalty for the player.

If you’ve ever been to a busy gaming convention - often held in the summer months - you’ll likely have been assaulted by waves of body odour occasionally. It’s less than ideal, but imagine having to face off against an opponent and that’s all you can smell.

Bravo on her for walking out, and hopefully it helps to communicate the message to bathe more often. The female duelist went on to say, “There are some stinky female duelists, but the men are in a class of their own.”

Featured Image Credit: Konami, TV Asahi

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