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Logan Paul Blasts "Ridiculous" Backlash Over Controversial Game Boy Project

Logan Paul Blasts "Ridiculous" Backlash Over Controversial Game Boy Project

The YouTuber is notorious for sinking cash into rare Pokémon memorabilia, but this time, he tested out some skills he learned over lockdown.

YouTuber and entrepreneur Logan Paul has countered the criticism he faced for "ruining" a collection of Game Boy Colors in placing them in resin to create a Pokémon-themed table.

Paul spent only $1,000 on the consoles and the materials needed for the table which is chump change compared to some of his other possessions. Two years ago, he was stung with a fake Pikachu Illustrator Trading Card Game card, which would have been worth about $2 million if it was legitimate. And, more recently, it's possible that he's sunk $3.5 million on a pack of sealed yet fake first edition Pokémon cards.

Fans pointed out that this case had popped up in an auction in March but the highest bidder rescinded their interest when the seller refused to let them inspect the box before buying. Plus, this case that Paul proudly posted on social media showed a strange barcode and unusual font on the box. It doesn't take an expert to see that these aren't tells for an authentic set of cards. All in all, he's had some good ideas and he's had some terrible, terrible, terrible investments.

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Speaking in an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Paul said he was bowled over by the negativity that arose from the epoxy resin table that he made. Dunking the units in resin, the YouTuber showed off in a TikTok how he used 15 Game Boy Colors to create a transparent surface for the table and encased it with red and white metal bars to mimic the style of a Poké Ball. Fans were impressed with his creativity however a number of people were upset that the consoles had been wasted as a decoration for the table.

“Throughout quarantine and training for Mayweather I had some free time and I wanted to do something relaxing. I took up art resin, epoxy,” said Paul of his idea for the furniture. “I got into it, took on a couple of little projects, got better and better, and I decided to undergo a Game Boy project where I took Game Boy Colors ⁠- which I love, I’ve been addicted to them my whole life ⁠- so I thought it’d be cool to make a table with some of my favourite things I have." Paul justified his choice to put the consoles in resin as these products are not as rare as some of the other types of gaming memorabilia.

“Go on eBay right now. They’re $60. 90 million plus of them were made, they’re not in short supply, and I love them. These mean something to me," he continued. “I made something I thought was f**king cool, yet how can I still be making mistakes? This is a simulation for sure, because this is the most ridiculous backlash we’ve seen in our lives.” Everyone's entitled to their opinion, of course.

Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul via YouTube, Caleb Oquendo via Pexels

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