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Xbox says PlayStation should just make its own Call Of Duty

Xbox says PlayStation should just make its own Call Of Duty

In a recent document sent to the CMA, Microsoft suggested Sony should develop its own Call of Duty rival for PlayStation.

The modern-day console wars continue, as Microsoft and Sony carry on bickering during the discussions that will ultimately determine whether acquiring Activision would give Microsoft an unfair market advantage.

To be fair to Sony, you can’t really blame the company for being just a little concerned about Microsoft’s plans. If the acquisition goes through, Xbox will own the Call of Duty IP, and despite Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterating multiple times that the franchise won’t be turned into an Xbox exclusive, Sony isn’t comfortable at all. Previously, Sony stated that it thinks Call of Duty is “an essential game: a blockbuster, a AAA-type game that has no rival”.

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With that in mind, I can’t imagine that Sony will be particularly happy with Microsoft’s recent statement to regulators, in which it suggested PlayStation should just make its own alternative to CoD. As reported by VGC, a new document reveals that Microsoft believes 10 years is plenty of time for Sony to make itself some new rival games.

“At the Remedies Hearing the [Competition and Markets Authority] asked Microsoft if the 10-year duration is sufficient and whether there would be a ‘cliff edge’ for Sony at the end of this period. The 10-year period is [redacted],” Microsoft wrote in the document. “Microsoft considers that a period of 10 years is sufficient for Sony, as a leading publisher and console platform, to develop alternatives to CoD."

“The 10-year term will extend into the next console generation [redacted],” it continued. “Moreover, the practical effect of the remedy will go beyond the 10-year period, since games downloaded in the final year of the remedy can continue to be played for the lifetime of that console (and beyond, with backwards compatibility).”

Again, it doesn’t seem likely that Sony will take this advice. Previously, the company said: “Call of Duty is not replicable. Call of Duty is too entrenched for any rival, no matter how well equipped, to catch up.” It also specifically called out EA’s Battlefield franchise as an example of a series that just “cannot keep up” with CoD. Ouch. It remains to be seen if Microsoft’s buyout of Activision will actually go through. We'll have to watch this space as the CMA’s final report on the deal is reportedly due on 26 April.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Television, Sony, Activision

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