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Xbox announces new hardware, but gamers have a major issue with the price

Xbox announces new hardware, but gamers have a major issue with the price

One step forward, two steps back

Earlier this week saw Microsoft reveal its new controller aimed at assisting Xbox players with disabilities. However, many of its potential customers are not happy with its price.

Known as the Proteus Controller, the customisable video game controller kit by Microsoft will be aimed at players with disabilities by offering more than 100 configurations, snap-and-play parts and remappable buttons.

Check out the Xbox Series S below!

Created by company ByoWave for the Designed for Xbox programme, the wireless controller consists of connected cubes designed to be held one-handed. The cubes themselves are decorated with buttons, which again can be customised, and LED lighting variations also add another layer of accessibility.

Expected to arrive this Fall, the Proteus Controller is designed to work with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows 10 and 11. Although there are currently no plans for it to work alongside the PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch at the moment, ByoWave has said it will be open to working with these platforms in the future.

However, the main issue with the Proteus Controller is its price which is expected to be around the $299 mark. Coming in at more than a discounted Xbox Series X/S console, this is an extortionate price and many Xbox gamers are not happy.

Speaking over on r/XboxSeriesX, one player said: “A bit expensive but I'm glad they're still working on accessibility. The more gamers, the better.”

Another agreed, saying: “It’s cool that Xbox makes this stuff but it's also SO expensive. Gamers with disabilities have to shell out big bucks just to be able to play.”

Although it is admirable to see Xbox working on more and more accessibility options for its players, it is a shame to see the resulting products come in at a price unachievable for many.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox

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