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Xbox Might Be Getting One Of PlayStation's Biggest Exclusives

Xbox Might Be Getting One Of PlayStation's Biggest Exclusives

Reedus and weep.

Death Stranding might be making the leap over onto Xbox Game Pass for PC if this cryptic picture on social media is what fans think it is.

Death Stranding is like Marmite. You love it, or you hate it, or you give it some time after the initial hype has died down, and then drop a dollop of it in your mashed potato, and you're like, "this is good actually."

The comparison has its limits. However, the game has had a sort of renaissance (as much as a renaissance is possible in a three year window) with lots of newfound fans who were brought on board when the Director's Cut was released with all of its improvements for both PS5 and PC players.

Take a look at the Director's Cut of Death Stranding below:

Still, if the story of Death Stranding sounds daunting and you don't want to sink upwards of $40 on something that makes you go "huh?" at the end, the game might be arriving on PC Game Pass in the future. The official Twitter account for the subscription service tweeted "sometimes we just like a good landscape picture" after changing its profile photo.

Investigating the exact shape of the hill shown in said photo, fans identified it as somewhere in Death Stranding's lonesome yet verdant surroundings. A few were swift to shoot such a theory down owing to Sony's ownership of the IP, it's difficult to deny the similarities between the profile photo and this snapshot of Death Stranding. Xbox is yet to confirm that this is the case so I suppose we'll twiddle our thumbs in between deliveries - and for P.T.'s sake, stop eating cheese before bed.

Featured Image Credit: Kamil S, Jakub Sisulak via UnSplash

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