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'Halo Infinite' Teaser Trailer Confirms Return Of Original Trilogy Enemies

'Halo Infinite' Teaser Trailer Confirms Return Of Original Trilogy Enemies

Something wicked this way comes

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

A new teaser trailer for the forthcoming Halo Infinite - expected to launch alongside Microsoft's new Xbox Series X console, in the fourth quarter of 2020 - has revealed the return of an enemy faction sure to be of appeal to old-school Halo fans.

We'll know more about Halo Infinite soon enough, as Xbox is planning to broadcast its digital version of what would have been its E3 show next month (that's July 2020, if the calendar's lost all meaning to you during lockdown). But the new teaser from Microsoft and the game's developers, 343 Industries, is definitely worth checking out now. So, why don't you do just that, and we'll see you on the other side of the video...

Righto, then: what did you make of that? Me, I'm not exactly up on Halo lore - or down on it, whichever direction means I'm particularly knowledgeable on the subject. But! Luckily we have a few people on the team here at GAMINGbible who, if you cut them, bleed green. Or something. Don't cut them. They know about Halo, is what I'm saying.

And they say: that's The Banished, coming back for another shot at Master Chief. Or perhaps a first shot, at him specifically, I'm not sure on the chronology. The Banished was a faction in 2017's Halo Wars 2 - but it's a faction composed of the Jiralhanae, or Brutes, an enemy type that first appeared in 2004's Halo 2, as well as Sangheili Elites and Unggoy grunts. Keeping up? I know I'm not.

What I do know: "humanity will burn" doesn't make it sound like The Banished is showing up on friendly terms. Whether or not the story of Infinite will relate to the events of Halo Wars 2 remains to be seen, but no doubt fans of the franchise are pretty excited, right now, that the baddies of Infinite are going to include some familiarly wicked alien faces amid their ranks.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, 343 Industries

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