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Xbox drops free download you don't have long to claim

Xbox drops free download you don't have long to claim

Speed on over to grab this freebie

Petrol heads can rejoice with this free Xbox download which is guaranteed to have you stand out amongst the rest on that racing track.

Running from 10 June to 20 June, Forza Motorsport players will be able to redeem a free car at no extra cost and despite not having much knowledge about cars, I can tell that this is not one to miss out on.

Check out the launch trailer for Forza Motorsport below!

All players need to do to redeem the free item is own Forza Motorsport for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S and then head over to the Xbox store. Additionally, you can click this link and redeem a brand-new car.

The car in question is a Porsche 963 Combo and the official description reads: “Battle your rivals in the endurance race-winning 2024 Porsche #5 Porsche Penske Motorsport 963 and show off the factory stripes with pride on the track by wearing the Porsche Racing Suit.”

Once redeemed, the car will be added to your-in game garage with no additional in-game credit cost required. Pretty sweet, huh?

If you are still not sold, the Porsche 963 is your standard supercar with a white and red paint job. Once again, I know nothing about cars but it looks pretty damn good and I’m sure it will go fast. Probably!

Additionally, if you are a fan of racing games in general, we recently previewed the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown.

Developed by KT Racing, this title is all about “a love of cars, especially luxury cars” and we had a pretty good time with our first look at the game.

“While the world itself obviously isn't quite as graphically breathtaking as something like Forza Horizon 5, Solar Crown is stunning in its own way,” our review read. “Clearly the most time and effort has been spent on making the cars look properly next-gen, which is right and proper.”

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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