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Xbox Series X fans livid as PS5 bags exclusive Red Dead Redemption update

Xbox Series X fans livid as PS5 bags exclusive Red Dead Redemption update

Xbox fans are displeased after Red Dead Redemption received an exclusive 60fps patch on PS5.

You may have heard that Grand Theft Auto fans are convinced, and I mean convinced, that a GTA VI reveal is coming this month. My heart stops for a millisecond everytime I get a Twitter alert from Rockstar Games. The latest alert may not have contained any such reveal, but I was delightfully surprised to see that Red Dead Redemption has received a highly-requested update.

Rockstar’s latest Red Dead Redemption port landed in August. While many fans were thrilled at the chance to replay this classic on modern consoles, the port came with its fair share of baggage. First of all, insiders had been teasing a full Red Dead Redemption remake for months, so the port slightly underwhelmed upon reveal. Rockstar then announced that it would cost £40/$50, which many said was far too much for a relatively untouched port of a 2010 game. Well, you’re now getting slightly more bang for your buck. Red Dead Redemption has just received a 60fps patch. There’s one problem though: it’s a PS5 exclusive.

Take a look at the Red Dead Redemption port in action below.

Taking to Twitter, Rockstar announced, “Red Dead Redemption, including Undead Nightmare, now supports up to 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility.” You can understand why a 60fps patch wasn’t implemented on the Nintendo Switch, but Xbox owners want to know why it hasn’t dropped on that particular platform.

Reddit user rupal_hs took to the r/XboxSeriesX subreddit to say, “No 60fps patch for RDR1 on Series X? PS5 just got a 60fps patch. Can’t see any fps toggle in the Series X version currently.”

There’s a likely explanation as to why the patch is a PS5 exclusive. August’s port was released on PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch. Why not Xbox? Well, the game remains playable on Xbox and always has. Xbox players use the Xbox 360 version of the game, automatically optimised by modern Xbox consoles. The 60fps patch is being applied to the port that was released in August, which is a different version of the game compared to the one Xbox users are playing.

It’s a tad convoluted but it somewhat makes sense. That being said, that doesn’t mean the Xbox version is incapable of running at 60fps, and hopefully we’ll see this implemented in a future update but at least we know why the PS5’s 60fps couldn’t be applied across all platforms.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Sony

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