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Xbox's Fable reboot reportedly stumbling into “developmental problems”

Xbox's Fable reboot reportedly stumbling into “developmental problems”

Development on Xbox's Fable reboot is reportedly struggling due to issues surrounding the game's engine.

It’s been two years since Xbox revealed that a Fable reboot is in development, and the project doesn’t appear to be in a great place. Playground Games have kept very hush hush about the project since it was officially unveiled via a teaser trailer. All we know is that the reboot is set to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC eventually.

In September, Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty mentioned that he was “excited” by what he’d seen of the project, adding that he couldn’t wait to “get to show” more to fans. Just last month though, it was reported that an extra developer had been drafted in to help out. Eidos Montreal is supposedly assisting on the game due to how slowly it’s progressing. Even still, the game appears to have stumbled into some “developmental problems.”

Xbox users will finally be able to get their hands on Starfield next year. Take a look at some gameplay footage below.

According to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, several Microsoft projects are struggling - including Fable IV and the ongoing development of Halo Infinite - due to “internal politics” surrounding video game engines. Microsoft are reportedly insisting on using their own engines as opposed to those widely used across the industry like Unreal Engine. Fable IV is thought to be using a brand new custom engine, while Halo Infinite uses the Slipspace Engine.

The issue is, developers must be trained in using these engines which takes time. Reports claim that many are exiting the project midway through too, which then means the training process has to begin all over again.

The problems regarding Halo Infinite are by no means a secret. After years of promising fans that a split-screen co-op mode would be added to the game, the feature was cancelled earlier this year - five years after it was first announced. That’s a long time to string fans along. I wouldn’t expect to see any major Fable IV updates anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Playground Games, Lionhead Studios

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