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Valheim player issues warning after new update destroys their base

Valheim player issues warning after new update destroys their base

Take care of your base

One Valheim player is issuing a warning to others after their base was utterly decimated following the Ashlands update, which brought a new biome to the game.

You can find the footage on Reddit, and even as someone who hasn’t played a lot of Valheim, my heart broke a little for this player.

Valheim started off strong with millions of players and has carried on delivering great survival experiences

Essentially, what happened is the biome spawned and created a chasm underneath the player’s base, taking away the solid ground it was built on.

The video opens with the base slowly crumbling piece by piece and falling into open and empty space below.

It’s worth noting that this is likely a rare occurrence and will depend on where you’ve built your base. However, other players are chiming in and recommending not building near the southern edges of the map.

Of course, after posting the 38-second clip there were plenty of ‘F’ messages in the chat and many Viking players gathered to watch as hours and hours of work were rudely torn away.

Thankfully, the player has a surprisingly chipper attitude about the whole thing and isn’t put off by the destruction of their base.

They can be seen commenting on replies saying “She served me well! Time to build back better than ever before.”

They can be commended for their calm response where I would likely have yeeted my PC or Xbox out the window and vowed never to play again, before waiting an hour to restart the build.

This did have players wondering just how far from the south you’d have to build now and currently nobody is sure.

One user goes some way to figuring it out saying, “What exactly that distance is I'm not sure, but the border of the Ashlands ocean is constant across seeds from what I've seen, and I'd imagine the area nuked for ocean around it is similarly fixed.”

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

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