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Valheim just got a huge free update you can download now

Valheim just got a huge free update you can download now

Valheim has received a long-awaited update three weeks around testing began

A whole host of brand new content has been added to Valheim is a huge new update that is available right now for owners of the game.

"After three weeks in the Public Test Branch, we believe we have ironed out most of the wrinkles with the update already, but please keep in mind that hotfixes and such are still likely to happen within the near future," the official Valheim blog explained in regards to the update.

The update comes with a series of fixes and improvements to the game that help the game run better on all hardware, but the main feature that will attract players back to the game is the brand new biome called the Ashlands. The Ashlands has new weapons, new ammunition, new armour, new creatures, new items to build, new music, new events and even brand new mechanics, meaning that lapsed fans of Valheim can go back to the game and see something brand new that they've never seen before.

These new mechanics include the ability for items in the world to set on fire, a new feature that is exacerbated by the fact that cinders are falling from the sky, and will damage anything that is unprotected. There's also lava around the world map that will cause untold damage to anything that happens to fall into it, which includes the player character themselves. Even the water in the area is boiling, which means any ship that sails through it needs to be build extremely carefully and with the best possible materials.

If players want to make it so that fire can spread outside of the new biome, they can by messing around with the immersive preset, which will allow fire to spread to already-existing areas in the game, and can cause even more trouble, especially in areas that are filled with grass and wood.

Featured Image Credit: Iron Gate Studio

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