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Upcoming FPS Game Looks Like A Cross Between Titanfall And ‘Starship Troopers’

Upcoming FPS Game Looks Like A Cross Between Titanfall And ‘Starship Troopers’

Outpost (working title) is an upcoming FPS being developed by Team Ranger, and it's looking really promising.

Last month, we lost a legend. After years of struggling against DDoS attacks and hackers, Respawn Entertainment finally pulled the plug on the first Titanfall game on 1 March. First released in 2014, the FPS was, once upon a time, loved by its player base. But, it ended up in a state where it was often unplayable, which is perhaps the exact opposite of what a game needs to even be considered a game in the first place. 

Although the servers are still being maintained for existing players, no one can buy the game on any platform anymore. Titanfall 2 still exists, of course, but it’s also been six years since the release of that, and a third main series game is nowhere in sight. If you were craving a new instalment though, fear not, because this upcoming indie title looks like a perfect lovechild of the Titanfall series and Starship Troopers. Its working title is Outpost - it’s being developed by Team Ranger and published by Lightning Games, and people are loving the look of it.

Check out the first look at Outpost right here. 

Outpost is a first-person shooter that focuses on multiplayer cooperation, centering around survival, exploration, and base-building elements,” the video description reads. “Although this is a pay-to-play game, it [will] still support multi-player mode. Players will become Collectors fighting in the frontline, defeating enemies with their ‘Eclipse Rifles’ while exploring and collecting resources and supplies all over the map before returning to their base after accomplishing their missions.”

People in the YouTube comments have been sharing their excitement for the title: “That looks absolutely amazing,” wrote Johnny Widner. “Looking forward to this big time!” commented Frazzz. 

Outpost will be releasing on PC via Steam. Although the full release date is yet to be announced, a playtest will be kicking off soon - if you’re interested, you’re encouraged to join the game’s Discord server to take part (you can find the invite link on the Steam page, here). 

Featured Image Credit: Team Ranger, Lightning Games

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