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Unreal Engine 5 open world horror is twisted baby of Elden Ring and Resident Evil

Unreal Engine 5 open world horror is twisted baby of Elden Ring and Resident Evil

Unreal Engine 5 horror looks like Elden Ring meets Resident Evil

Since the Unreal Engine was released in 2022, it’s not only provided us with some stunning fanmade concepts but also gorgeous games.

Sure, being powered by Unreal Engine 5 doesn't guarantee a top-notch gameplay experience, but when some projects can look photorealistic such as Lost Fragment, and Black Myth: Wukong, it’s certainly an exciting time for video game fans of the current generation.

Check out the stunning Blight: Survival gameplay below!

Developed and published by the indie team at Haenir Studio, Blight: Survival is a rougelite, co-op survival horror game with a mediaeval setting which looks to be at least in some part inspired by the likes of Elden Ring and Resident Evil.

Blight: Survival is a mediaeval cooperative extraction-lite pitting you and up to three other players against mortals and monsters in a desperate attempt to reach and destroy the source of the Blight, a deadly affliction that plagues the land," reads the description of the game on Steam.

“The game takes place in the no man’s land between two desperate kingdoms in a ceaseless war. Within this purgatory, a new strain of Blight has erupted from the remains of the fallen. Fed and strengthened by the blood that has been spilt, it rapidly spreads - turning man into a monster,” continues its description. “As the people bleed - paralysed by war - they have turned to you and your kin. Being the only ones willing, you've been tasked to venture forth and vanquish the all-consuming Blight.”

What’s more, the developer/publisher warns “This game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content.” This is pretty much the kind of warning that all survival horror fans love to see.

At the time of writing, a release date for Blight: Survival hasn't been announced, but we do know at least that it will arrive on PC and you can add it to your Steam wishlist now.

Featured Image Credit: Haenir Studio

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