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Unfortunate Controller Design Gives Sonic Genitals

Unfortunate Controller Design Gives Sonic Genitals

This new Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has some very questionable control stick and button placements.

You know, I’m a firm believer that a gamer’s controller always says a lot about them. You’ve got your hardcore people out there with their custom skins, those soldiering on with the worst looking design you’ve ever seen because it was on sale, and the degenerates with Cheeto dust building up in every crevice. Of the controller, that is.

But really though, there’s so many options out there on the market, it’s great that you can rep your love of basically any character or franchise imaginable. Sometimes though, you have to wonder who on earth looked at a controller, and decided that, yes, this is peak design. 

While you're here, be sure to check out the final trailer for the Sonic movie sequel below.

Dear reader, cast your eyes over to this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, featuring everyone’s favourite speedy blue hedgehog. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly wrong with it, other than perhaps the rather prominent placement of the Sonic logo, which really doesn’t need to be there. But no, there’s a much greater problem here, which, as reported by Creative Bloq, gamers were very quick to point out.

“Hori, I love you, but we need to talk about where you put that right stick in relation to [Sonic’s] private area,” tweeted @WorldWideWorf. “Hey, Sonic! Is that an analog stick or are you happy to see us?” wrote @PeteSkerritt.

That’s right, users of this controller will have no choice but to place their thumb onto a stick placed dangerously close to Sonic’s crotch, which really isn’t going to look good in motion. Hopefully anyone who buys this isn’t going to have to do too many upward inputs. That aside, can we also talk about how the B button is literally on his butt? It was the most appropriate one to put there, I suppose.

If we’re being completely technical about it, a closer look will reveal that the right stick is, in fact, sat on the end of his knee, but you can’t lie that the way that all the blue blends in really doesn’t help make that immediately obvious. Either way, you won’t catch me using this one, but no doubt it's perfect for any really, really big fans of Sonic.

Featured Image Credit: Hori, Sonic the Hedgehog/Sega, Paramount Pictures

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