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Twitch streamer's car set on fire by fan who travelled 700 miles

Twitch streamer's car set on fire by fan who travelled 700 miles

Twitch streamer Justfoxii's car was set on fire by a stalker that travelled 700 miles to commit the crime.

As we all know, the world can be a wonderful place, but a strange and dangerous one too, especially for those in the eye of the public.

That can also certainly be the case for content creators. For the most part, fans of content creators engage with the creator in a respectful way as do they with fellow members of the community. However, on the flip side, some are not so respectful and in some cases, can be a danger to said creator.

Back in November 2021, Twitch star Meowko spoke of how a creepy stalker had put her off from streaming. In September 2022, Wolfabelle was not only stalked but blackmailed with sex demands. Then in April this year, Jinnytty was stalked by a hooded man in public while live-streaming.

Unfortunately, as reported by Dexerto, in the latest case of dangerous stalkers, a viewer of justfoxii travelled 700 miles and set her car on fire. Justfoxii stated that while having a break from streaming, a man came to her house during the early hours of the morning.

Naturally concerned as to why a stranger would visit her during such hours, justfoxii explained: “My mom called me and woke me up. She was crying and I knew something really bad had happened. She said, ‘Someone caught your car on fire. I’m sorry. I have to go, the police are here.'”

Checking the home security cameras, justfoxii said that the man looked very casual while setting her car on fire. Thankfully, firefighters were called and arrived quickly at the scene.

“I’m thankful for that because the fire spread to the fence and burnt the side of my house as well, which my mom and animals were inside of. We’re all traumatised in ways that I will never be able to describe, but I’m just glad everybody is safe. I just never thought that when I started streaming that something like this would ever happen to me.”

The man was arrested and the police are said to be dealing with the situation. Justfoxii said that she wants to return to Twitch streaming one day when she is ready.

Featured Image Credit: Justfoxii (Twitch)

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