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Twitch streamer humiliates sexists by making sandwiches and still winning

Twitch streamer humiliates sexists by making sandwiches and still winning

SteffyEvans still destroyed her opponents in Call of Duty even after getting up mid-match to make sandwiches.

It’s undeniable that voice chats are still rife with offensive jokes and toxic people, even today. You’d think that people would have got bored of making sandwich and kitchen jokes at female players by this point, but that unfortunately isn’t the case.

As reported by Kotaku, Call of Duty streamer Stephanie Evans says that she receives these comments in around seven out of 10 matches that she plays, but decided to respond to these poor attempts at humour in the best way possible - by following the ‘requests’ and still winning. Speaking to Kotaku over email, she admitted that the sandwich meta cost her “a round or two”, but said that the majority of the comments made towards her came after she’d already won.

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“I tried to speed run making sandwiches, which took me a minute and [a half] to about two minutes. I made a full turkey [or] ham and cheese sandwich [and] packed it in a sandwich Ziploc. Then I put a side of chips and two water bottles combined in a bigger Ziploc. I put everything away in the fridge,” she said.

Beyond proving that she can still win even when busy making sandwiches mid-match, the streamer’s antics have also helped raise awareness of how common an issue toxicity like this is for female players. Not only that, but all the sandwiches that she made were donated to those in need, to make sure that no food went to waste.

“[The sandwich meta] developed into raising awareness as to what is freely said and thrown around by some of these people on video games. In the real world, this should have some sort of consequence,” she told Kotaku. “I am also trying to bring a voice to people who are terrified to play FPS due to the toxic nature of these multiplayer games.”

Featured Image Credit: SteffyEvans via YouTube, Activision

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