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Twitch streamer falls for mod, flies across world to be with him

Twitch streamer falls for mod, flies across world to be with him

An Australian Twitch streamer has gone viral after flying for over 30 hours to meet her mod boyfriend.

Twitch can sometimes be a very wholesome place. Just this month, one lovely streamer went from having nine followers to, at the time of writing, over 100 thousand after a TikTok of them singing happy birthday to a follower went viral.

If you need more good feels on this fine Friday afternoon, as reported by Game Rant, Australian variety and horror streamer jjessticles has been taking the internet by storm with her adorable, real life love story. After falling in love with her mod, she’s now flown all the way from Australia to Germany so that they can be together. D’aww.

Before we get into it, take a look at some of our favourite wins and fails from Twitch below.

“[Accidentally] fell in love with my Twitch mod so I flew 30+ hours to be with him,” jjessticles tweeted, along with a photo of the two kissing at the airport. “#TwitchIsADatingSite?”

Just in case that wasn’t enough cuteness for you, the replies to this tweet are also full of similar stories from other Twitch users who met their partners on the platform.

“Me too! Long distance is a pain[,] been together for over a year and six months but so worth it! Met on Twitch in a raid then we [were] mods for one another and the adventure continues,” @EmmaRender3 wrote. “My love started as my mod, then flew all the way from Florida to the UK to visit me. Now we're getting married,” tweeted @MrRusty_. “My boyfriend and I met through Twitch! He moved in with me from Ireland [in] August just gone and we're celebrating [one] year together tomorrow,” added @EJKoala8.

Overwhelmed with the positive responses to her story, jessticles tweeted today: “I only ever wanted to make people laugh and have a positive impact on this platform and that's exactly what is happening. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Thank you for being part of my life.”

Featured Image Credit: jjessticles via Twitter/Twitch

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