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Twitch streamer banned for 'sexual content' after showing her bare feet

Twitch streamer banned for 'sexual content' after showing her bare feet

Streamer JustKeth has been given a three-day ban from Twitch, seemingly for showing her bare feet as a dare during a broadcast.

One streamer has been banned from Twitch for three days after for supposedly “offering sexual content” during a broadcast.

As Dexerto reports, JustKeth took to Twitter yesterday, perplexed by the ban. She’d been hosting a wheel spin game with her chat, where for every $20 donated, the wheel would be spun and she’d have to do the dare it landed on. These activities varied from answering DMs, doing a crab dance, doing squats or... showing her feet.

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There are no prizes for guessing which of those things got JustKeth in trouble with the streaming platform. On Twitter, she deduced that it must have come down to either doing squats or showing her feet. However, she claims that it wasn’t her intention at all for her feet to be considered “sexual content”. She wrote: “It’s just a meme bruh [are] my feet too sexy?”

Based on Twitch’s community guidelines, it certainly seems as though her feet were the problem. The guidelines state that streamers must not engage in “fetishising behaviour or activity, such as focusing on body parts for sexual gratification or erotic role play”. It’s easy to see how JustKeth’s wheel spin dare could have fallen into this category, even if it she didn't intend for it to be taken in a sexual context.

Streamers have been given bans from Twitch for all sorts of things in the past, from broadcasting TV shows to showing fake breasts and even having sex on stream. Yes, that’s actually a thing that happened.

Most bans only last for a few days, as is the case with JustKeth’s - she should be back in action in a couple more days. Chances are, she’s probably going to be a bit more careful with her wheel spin dares in the future.

Featured Image Credit: JustKeth via YouTube, Twitter

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