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Pro 'Fortnite' Player Banned From Twitch For "Sexual Conduct" Breach

Pro 'Fortnite' Player Banned From Twitch For "Sexual Conduct" Breach

Clix has been banned from Twitch for seven days after a GTA RP stream appeared to breach "sexual conduct" guidelines.

Clix, a pro Fortnite player and member of the NRG community, has been hit with a seven day ban from Twitch due to breaching the “sexual conduct” guidelines while playing GTA RP, Dexerto reports. 

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So, what happened? Honestly, looking at the clip, I’m not entirely sure myself. The streamer’s character seems to be bobbing around while clipping through another player’s character - neither of them are really aligned, and neither are totally unclothed. But, it looked a little bit suggestive, and the two obviously found it funny because of this. Take a look for yourself below.

“Crazy how I get a [seven] day ban for same sex ‘sexual conduct’ fully clothed in GTA RP but a girl who knowingly streamed herself actually having sex in real life gets same [seven] day ban as me, lol bro I can’t,” Clix tweeted, responding to the situation.

Oh, did you manage to miss that drama? I envy you. But, yes, in case you missed it, late last month, Twitch streamer kimmikka_ (whose channel now appears to have “been closed by the user”) faced a seven day ban after having sex on stream. Although viewers couldn’t directly see what was going on, given the facial expressions, it was pretty obvious, and a reflection in the streamer’s window gave it all away for certain. The streamer claimed that the incident was a “drunken accident”.

Featured Image Credit: Clix via YouTube, Epic Games

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