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Twitch star Ninja confirms he's cancer-free following surgery

Twitch star Ninja confirms he's cancer-free following surgery

Ninja celebrates being cancer-free

Twitch star, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, has confirmed to fans that he is officially cancer-free. The news came not too long ago that Ninja had been diagnosed with melanoma, a form of skin cancer after he had a mole on the bottom of his foot tested. This came after his wife, Jess, recommended he get it looked at.

The 32-year-old streamer has since confirmed that he is cancer-free after receiving the good news from his dermatologist. Discussing the news on Twitter, Ninja commented “As of right now, I am officially cancer-free.”

Ninja was one of the streaming pioneers who helped launch Fortnite into the mainstream

His full statement on social media read, “Just got the news from my dermatologist, Great news x 2! Excision was successful with clear margins. Lesion biopsied nearby showed only mild atypia and was entirely removed with the biopsy. As of right now, I am officially cancer free ^_^ thank you all for the prayers and kind words this last week. Love you all.”

The update comes eight days after his original announcement, showing he managed to get the right help quickly. Of course, his fanbase and his friends in the industry rallied around him and sent him words of congratulations. Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop tweeted a long string of “WWWW” for his friend, while Ninja’s brother sent support in the form of emojis.

In his previous statement, Ninja expressed gratitude for finding the melanoma early, which allowed him to get the right medical care, and he hoped this would act as a PSA to everyone that they should get regular checkups. Among the messages of congratulations was one saying “NINJA ALWAYS COMING OUT WITH THE W!!” Another chimed in with a simple, “LET'S GOOOOO.” Ninja has since gone back to his streaming schedule and will carry on as normal with his clean bill of health.

Featured Image Credit: Ninja, Twitch

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