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Twitch Is Finally Adding A Feature Fans Have Asked For Since The Site Launched

Twitch Is Finally Adding A Feature Fans Have Asked For Since The Site Launched

Finally, you can go back to see what you've missed.

There are three main places we watch streams at the moment; YouTube, Facebook, and the biggest - Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform has many of the biggest streamers, millions of viewers, and some features that YouTube and Facebook have had to catch up and copy like clips. However, there is one missing feature of Twitch that the average viewer surely finds annoying - the lack of a rewind button.

There isn’t a quick way to rewind VODs on Twitch. If the streamer is saving the stream, if will be able to be viewed on their page, separate from the live version of events. However YouTube, for example, allows you to instantly backtrack a few moments to catch whatever you’ve missed. But, as reported by The Verge, Twitch is adding its own (albeit limited) version. 

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The Twitch support Twitter account posted saying: “Over the next month, some viewers may see up to 3 new buttons on live channels pages: Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, & Watch Trailer. This experiment will inform future features only and the buttons will be removed once it’s complete.”

Although this will be good news for many, a large IRL streamer had already voiced his concern. Jake’n’Bake does a lot of IRL content on his channel, exploring new areas and meeting people. He responded saying: “Can we have the option to disable this? For safety purposes of IRL streams. Thanks!”

Zach Bussey, a regular expert on Twitch’s content says that: “If you set your VODs to unpublished by default, the button won't show.” So there does seem to be a way around this if you’re worried about the rewind’s usage.

Of course not all channels right now will have the option to use rewind but if this test goes well then it won’t be long until it’s rolled out across the platform for everyone to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch

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