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Zelda live-action movie 'casting' absolutely roasted by fans

Zelda live-action movie 'casting' absolutely roasted by fans

This casting is being torn apart

Remember how there was news about a live-action Legend of Zelda in the works? That announcement seems so long ago now.

Well, it’s still in the works, and while we’ve never had any official casting news, it hasn’t stopped fans from getting in on the action and dream-casting their favourites.

In the next instalment of The Legend of Zelda we'll actually get to play as Zelda herself.

But a couple of years ago, Netflix got in on this via Twitter (although this was also fake), joking that they were going to cast Tom Holland in every single role. They even mocked up spoof character posters with Holland as Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and even Tingle.

This, of course, made its way to Reddit and the fans had a field day mocking the ‘casting.’

“Oh man, I can't wait for the epic showdown where Tom Holland finally defeats the evil Tom Holland, rescuing the kidnapped Tom Holland and saving the day,” says the top comment, from Tramkrad, under the post.

User Godzilla_R0AR jumped on the bandwagon saying, “Low key Tom kinda lookin’ good as Tingle.”

One user, no longer on Reddit, imagined the unimaginable with, “Lol, Tom Holland making the Great Fairy moans.”

When one member mentioned not seeing a certain character poster, user StationaryTravels said, “Oh, you haven't found the 900 seeds sprinkled throughout various Netflix originals yet to unlock it… Totally worth it! Good luck!” making light of the endless collecting in the more recent Zelda games.

Hopefully, not too long in the future, we’ll finally discover who will actually play Link and Zelda - a big weight on their shoulders - and we can stop fan-casting.

Although it’s been fun watching fans pick and choose who they want in the live-action adventure, millions of fans will be hoping that Nintendo can have a hand in choosing the best actors for the roles. This is something we’ve all wanted for many years, after all.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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