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Until Dawn movie officially in development

Until Dawn movie officially in development

We really hope the film lives up to the game...

Video game adaptations can be very hit and miss. But in recent years there’s been more hits than misses, and so the news that Until Dawn is being made into a movie is cause for celebration.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Until Dawn is the best horror game Supermassive Games has created to date. Its interactivity, visuals, and shocking twists created the template that’s being vigorously used in the devs' news titles, like The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me, though, none have succeeded like Until Dawn.

Don't forget to get your horror fix with the Until Dawn launch trailer!

Considered “one of the greatest horror games of all time”, a worthy creative team behind this film project needs to be in place. Fortunately, Gary Dauberman, known for his screenwriting talents in The Nun, Annabelle, and It is at the forefront of this Sony production.

Joining Dauberman is producer David F. Sandberg, a Swedish filmmaker known for his frightening, albeit budget, horror films. Still, while none of those have soared as high as It, Sandberg’s catalogue of work shows a deep understanding of the horror genre. He also directed DC’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods, though we really hope that kind of energy doesn’t make it into the Until Dawn movie.

Beyond these details, little else is known about the project, though we anticipate a star-studded cast given how star-studded the 2016 game was, which starred Bohemian Rhapsody’s Rami Malek, Constantine’s Peter Stormare, and Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere. In truth, it would be amazing to see the original cast return, which isn’t out of the realms of possibility, though we suspect Sony will want a universally recognised cast to rake in the profits.

Whoever stars in this tale of teenage woe gone horribly wrong while trapped in a bleak, remote location, we hope the Until Dawn film lives up to the legacy of the game because, if it doesn’t, the fandom is going to be hungrier than a bloodthirsty Wendigo. We’ve seen them like that before and it’s not pretty!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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