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A Spider-Man horror movie is in development

A Spider-Man horror movie is in development

Not so friendly in your neighbourhood anymore

Nobody really thinks of horror when they think of Spider-Man, unless your mind immediately goes to Venom. Even then though, Venom might not give you the chills we associate with being scared. Perhaps that’s why a Spider-Man horror film is in the works – to change the conversation and have people running in fear of Peter Parker.

The news of this unusual but intriguing development could have been all too easily missed if it wasn’t for a social media user who alerted us to the film. Posting on Twitter, they said, “I don’t know if this has made the rounds of Twitter yet but a guy I saw on TikTok named Andy Chen who is doing a Spider-Man fan film with Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs as Peter Parker.” A clip from TikTok was included to show Riggs struggling to pull his feet and hands off surfaces.

See the beauty, the carnage, the Venom of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in the launch trailer!

Not much of the horror can be seen in this clip, save for the blood and gunk covering Riggs as Parker in one segment. Otherwise, everything seems like normal Spidey stuff – a teenager struggling to get to grips with his newfound powers while sticking to everything.

The genius behind the superhero film we never knew we needed is Andy Chen, who’s been posting sneak peeks of the creative process on their TikTok account. It makes for fun viewing, with Riggs certainly getting into the spirit of things as he leaves behind his eyepatch from The Walking Dead for a red and blue webbed suit. Could this knock Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 off its top spot for being a “masterpiece”?

As for when Chen will grace us with the haunting tales of Spider-Man turned horror protagonist, we can’t say. Right now, there’s no official date for release. Hopefully, this will prove to be an entertaining experience for all the right reasons, and not for being absurdly bad, to the point it was laugh-out-loud funny, like Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey was.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive entertainment

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